Looking for More Relaxation and Less Action?

Sanur is famous for its slow-paced and laid back relaxing coastal atmosphere….but that certainly doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do here!

A former fishing village, Sanur was Bali’s first ever tourism resort area and it still remains a favourite spot for visitors from all over the world who keep on coming back to enjoy it’s unique combination of outstanding natural beauty and multitude of family-friendly activities.

In short, Sanur offers the best of both worlds: a safe, uncrowded and unspoilt coastal location that also retains it’s original culture and charm.

10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Sanur

10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Sanur

1. Safe Swimming

If you dream of a warm and safe swimming environment for all ages, protected from waves by a coral reef, Sanur really delivers. Sanur Beach is a long stretch of white sand that actually comprises of several beaches and unlike some other areas of Bali, the waters here are crystal clear and free of pollution.

2. Incredible Diving

Sanur doesn’t have much diving, there are only a couple of spots you get taken to when you are learning.  However most of the dive centres are based here as it is the launch pad to all the amazing diving in the South and East of Bali and also in Nusa Penida and Lembongan.  We recommend Nico Dives Cool.

3. Wonderful Water Sports

Moderate winds and warm protected crystal clear waters ensure Sanur is the perfect spot for a wide variety of water sports. Sailing, wake boarding, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding), kite surfing, windsurfing, jet skiing, paragliding, snorkelling and swimming a just a few of the water activities you might want to try in these beautiful calm waters. You can hire most of your equipment or take lessons from RIP Curl located on the beach near the Prawa Beach Hotel.

Surprisingly, surfers are catered for too, there are a variety of surf spots dotted along the coastline. You may need to use a boat to get out past the reef and catch some of those beautiful waves. If you’re looking for consistent surf you might want to check out Villa Mimpi in Legian.

4. Visit a Volcano

This is truly a once in a life-time experience. From Sanur you can book a guided tour and drive to Mt Batur where you trek to the top of the volcano to watch the sun rise over Sanur Beach.

5. White Water Rafting

Immerse yourself in nature on Bali’s’ longest and most scenic river raft route, which takes you through incredible scenery and a wild tropical jungle. This 16 km route along the Telaga Waja river includes 12 km of white water, 1 km of smooth sailing and then the raging rapids.

6. Come Fly a Kite

The annual International Bali Kite Festival is held in July and August, during the windy season.

Both international competitors and local villagers take part in this spectacular festival and for the Balinese it is a religious event, with the kites sending a message to the gods to bring abundance in crops and harvest.

From June through August, when the winds blow continually from east to west, local Balinese children and adults also fly kites in vacant rice paddies.

7. Immerse Yourself in the Local Culture

Sanur’s traditional culture is still visible in its everyday life and it also offers many museums and galleries. The long narrow seaside town is a delight to wander along as you explore the ancient Blanjong Temple and the other historical sites that line its streets. You can even enjoy a silver jewellery making class.

If you’d like to take a cooking class, book one of the many classes, they will pick you up and take you to their family compound for your cooking class, where you can learn about the traditional Balinese culture first hand… and enjoy a delicious meal!

8. Take an Underground Sea Walk

If you’re too scared to dive, can’t swim or don’t want to invest in the expense and time it takes to do your SCUBA certification, an underground sea walk allows you to interact with Bali’s amazing marine life.

An underground sea walk is also ideal if you wear prescription glasses, because your special helmet fits over the top, allowing you to safely and clearly experience the underwater beauty of Sanur.

9. Direct Beachfront Access

Unlike many other Bali resorts, Sanur offers direct beachfront access to a safe beach protected from waves by a coral reef.

If swimming isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy the stunning location walking or jogging on the 10km beach path or watching the sun rise over the beach.

10. Perfect Location

Sanur is a world apart from the nightclubs, and the hustle and bustle of Kuta and yet the drive from the airport takes less than 30 minutes. If you do want to experience the other side of Bali, day trips are easy to arrange and a private driver will cost you approx $60 for the day.

Ubud is just 45 minutes away and Legian and Seminyak are both 40 minutes away.

Perhaps you just simply want to watch the sunrise, lie on the beach, enjoy a massage or float in your own private pool?

Whatever you decide to do in Sanur, you’ll find the people are calm and friendly, the beach and streets are safe and there are plenty of delicious restaurants to choose from.

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